Perspair® high performance textile

These materials are addressed to manufacture high-performing engineered shoe uppers for all kind of footwear. Perspair® is not a jersey or knit based material. It is a reliable woven fabric produced with high tenacity polyamide or polyester threads.

L-protection® textile hi-tech materials

These materials are addressed to manufacture puncture resistant insoles for safety footwear. These products, made of a multi-layer textile composite, have been certified for use in nail-proof insole in compliance with EN 12568:2010 and with footwear norms S3 ISO EN20344/20345/20346, ASTM 2413 and CSA Z195.

Perspair® with PUtek technology

This technology uses a new concept of threads with super high resistance to abrasion, directly woven in high resistance fabric, to achieve textiles with ultimate mechanical performances. Using Perspair Jacquard technique, any design can be developed using PUTEK technology