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L-protection® textile hi-tech materials

L-PROTECTION® textile hi-tech materials are addressed to manufacture puncture resistant insoles for safety footwear. These products, made of a multi-layer textile composite, have been certified for use in nail-proof insoles in compliance with EN 12568:2010 and with footwear norms S3 ISO EN20344/20345/20346, ASTM 2413 and CSA Z195.

The L-PROTECTION® research process is aimed at creating composite textile insoles capable of resisting accidental perforation by nails and other objects, even of small diameter.

Footwear created with L-PROTECTION® non-metallic anti-perforation insoles is soft and extremely flexible, permitting increased contact with ground surfaces, thereby reducing the risk of accidental slippage.

L-PROTECTION® textile insoles protect 100% of the entire surface of the sole of the foot. A traditional steel-plate insole protects approx. 85% of the sole of the foot.

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