Innovative textile materials for the footwear industry

Our company

Guangzhou Vaiano Textiles Co., Ltd. (GVT) was established in 2008 in Panyu – Guangzhou - P.R. China, by Western management with extensive experience in the textile and footwear industry.

GVT is the exclusive manufacturer in Far East of L-PROTECTION® puncture resistant insole materials, PERSPAIR® upper woven fabric and PERSPAIR® with PUtek technology for high abrasion resistant fabric.

We sell our products worldwide to shoe factories which work for Global Brands. Our company is located in an industrial area very well served by every kind of infrastructure (internet, roads, port, airport, railway, natural gas, water, electricity), which helps in the development of our business.

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Machineries and equipment

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with all machineries for vertical production, from thread to finished product.

  • Warping machines, jacquard and rapier looms for the weaving.
  • Heating stenter for thermosetting, coating and impregnation processes.
  • Shearing machine for finishing.
  • Printing machine.
  • Machineries for thermoplastic film lamination and Reactive Polyurethane Resin (PUR) lamination.
  • Inspection machineries to control the fabric during each production process.
  • Cutting machineries to supply the finished products in sheets and/or in rolls.
  • Laser cutting and die cutting machineries to supply the finished product in uppers and insoles.

Our internal laboratory is equipped with:

  • Crockmeter and Multifiber DW to control color fastness
  • Color assessment cabinet
  • Martindale for abrasion resistance
  • Spray rating tester
  • Constant Rate of Extension (CRE) to control bonding strength, tensile strength and tear strength
  • Flexing machine
  • Penetration resistance testing machine
  • Electrical resistance testing machine
  • Thickness and Weight testing machine
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All materials are tested during production processes and before shipment, to meet our customers’ requirements and international standards for footwear manufacturing. All production processes and quality control are supervised by Western management with 50+ years of experience in the footwear industry.

Thanks to in-house manufacturing, we have total control over production standards. Our mission is continuous research aimed at creating innovative products for the footwear industry. We consider our suppliers and customers as partners. We believe that continuous contact with them to understand developments and needs, leads to creating opportunities and with innovative products.

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